Using any Sound Good word to make a Sale, Really!?

What you see above is the Real Authentic African Black soap. It has no dyes or chemicals nor has it been through any chemical process to extract raw materials. The real ingredients for African Black Soap are obtained from plants such as plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. After the plant and bark are sun-dried and roasted, water and oils are … Continue reading Using any Sound Good word to make a Sale, Really!?

100% Shea Butter Revolution

Yes, revolution against industries that claim they are giving the consumer Shea Butter, when actually they are selling water with various chemicals and dyes along with a small portion of Shea Butter. As you know, this cocktail of chemical solution enters through the pores going into the blood stream. The revolution against this type of poisoning is to sell 100% Shea Butter to our consumers, … Continue reading 100% Shea Butter Revolution

Authentic and Natural

Authentic At the Teranga House of Africa, our business provides authentic African attire for men, women and children. We also sell shoes and sandals with a West African flair in designs in leather craft makings. Along with selling garments and shoes, we also sell handcrafted wooden masked, and animals that are indigenous to the continent of Africa. All of the handcrafted wood is either from … Continue reading Authentic and Natural