The Forgotten Educated STEM Graduates

There was a lecture about retooling oneself with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degree, known as STEM, to meet the demand of potential employers, thus creating a group of older adults, who recently achieve a STEM degree. Are these the people that employers expect to see when advertising for recent graduates or are they expecting a handful of youthful adults, some of who have been labeled as millenniums. The reason why I am point this out, is because when I go to a company career site, I see pictures of young adults who are identified as recent grads, which clearly does not identify with this day and time when older adults are going to alternative accredited schools that has become a popular choice for their busy schedule.

The technology industry needs to see clearly that there is a reentry work force equip with the know how to program and design electronic circuits, as well as, assisting in technological advancements for the latest and greatest gadgetry. In addition, adding input from a missed generation of users, who come along with other skill set and years of discipline, which will assist in enrich their organizations products.

Overall, this is just a thought of some of the issues which are not addressed by the media, pertaining to older Americans disenfranchised position, who have reinvented themselves towards STEM demands of the technology revolution. I know some of the readers would just want to push this issue aside, while retorting, start your own business, as though, it was that easy with mounting school loans along with living expenses. Nevertheless, there is large force of currently trained individuals with a technology degree, years of good work ethics, and other type of skills set which can contribute to expert systems development and application design.


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